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Rare Book Room
Visit Galiano Island Books' Rare Book Room for
First Editions, Signed, Rare and Unusual Books
Cloud Cuckoo Land
Anthony Doerr
Hardcover | Sep 2021
on order $39.99
(releases Sep 28 2021)
Hunting by Stars
Cherie Dimaline
Paperback | Oct 2021
on order $16.99
(releases Oct 19 2021)
The Apollo Murders
Chris Hadfield
Hardcover | Oct 2021
on order $36.00
(releases Oct 12 2021)
State of Terror
Louise Penny
Paperback | Oct 2021
on order $24.99
(releases Oct 12 2021)

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Check out our new bargain and used book listings on our website open 24 hours.

Books discounted at least 40% to 50% and often from the original cover price.

BARGAIN BOOKS ARE BRAND NEW that comes from one of our three sources:
  1. "remainder" books - books that the publisher has overstocked and sells off to booksellers at reduced prices
  2. "hurt" books - books with minor damage in the store or simply a bit shopworn
  3. hardcover books supplanted by softcover editions that we could not return
USED BOOKS ARE PREOWNED that have been read but are clean, have intact covers, are not missing any pages, and have little or no writing or highlighting inside.

Browse our stock of bargain and used books for a variety of fiction, non-fiction, mystery, and youth titles by such authors as Margaret Atwood Wayne Johnson and Louise Penny.

Here are some tips on how to navigate our website to find just the book you are looking for.

There are two ways to find books in the store: 

Searching by title or author
First, if you know the title or author you can type that information into the “search” window at the top of the page.  Just to the left of that search window, you will see another window with the word “Keyword” in it and a drop-down symbol (downward pointing arrow) on the right.  If you leave that unchanged, you will get everything that has that keyword.  This allows you to search for books even if you’re not sure of the exact title. To narrow this, you can click on the downward pointing arrow and select a narrower category, such as author or title. 

For example, if you knew the word “king” was in the title and typed that in you would get all books authored by anyone named King as well as any titles that have that word in their title. The more specific the information or keyword category you enter, the fewer books will come up, and hence the easier it will be to find your book. 

Search for books at Galiano Island Books Online

Browsing for books
The second way of searching for books is to click on the “Browse” box towards the top of the page on the left.  When you click on it you will see several filters you can select such as “what’s in store”, “bargainbk stock” or “usedbooks”. By default, the “what’s in store” box will be clicked.  This does not show books that aren’t in the store but can be ordered.  To browse that, unclick the “what’s in store” box.  If you just want to look at bargain or used books, click those boxes, but also unclick “what’s in store” or else you’ll see everything in the store.  If you look down below those options you will also see a large number of subjects which you can click on to see titles that fall into those categories, for example, fiction, history, or humor.
Browse for books at Galiano Island Books Online

Upcoming Event!

Krista Thornhill
Join the Climate Conversation

Focusing on intimate stories and local attentiveness, Rising Tides addresses the past, present, and future of climate justice through fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry.

Join Catriona Sandilands and local contributors to celebrate the launch of the book where it began, Galiano Island.

Saturday, January 18, 2020, 7:00 p.m.
Galiano South Hall
141 Sturdies Bay Road

Rising Tides

Presented in partnership with Caitlin Press, Fondation Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, York University Faculty of Environmental Studies, and Galiano Island Books
Margaret Atwood's Testaments is now available!

Come visit the store and grab your copy of the new Margaret Atwood novel Testament. It is now available AND we have signed copies! Get your signed copy today to avoid disappointment!
Margaret Atwood Testaments

Galiano Literary Festival News
Libro.FM now available!

Galiano Island Books is pleased to now offer access to audiobooks for all of our customers through Libro.FM.  Libro.FM is an alternative to the widely-advertised Amazon-owned that offers the same books, deals, and prices, but with the added advantages of being independently owned and supporting your independent local bookstore. 

Check them out at to see how you can get two free books just for switching on Libro.FM (and you don't have to be a member of Audible to take advantage of the switch program!). Questions?  Feel free to contact us directly at if we can provide more information.
The 10th Galiano Literary Festival
A very special anniversary event!
As always, it was only made possible by the hard work and unconditional support of so many people. We would like to give our most heartfelt thanks to:

Our fantastic authors and all of our loyal attendees who have supported us this year and over the years and make the whole thing very much worth the effort.

Ian Phyper and Gnosis Hotel Management and the staff at the Galiano Inn

Our sponsors on Galiano: Galiano Island Books, Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa, Galiano Chamber of Commerce, Galiano Island Soap Works, Galiano Library, Woodstone Manor, Sturdies Bay Bakery & Cafe, Max & Moritz, Driftwood Village, Hummingbird Pub, Tour des Iles
Galiano Literary Festival
Sweet treats: tiny edible books for authors and guests

Our community hosts: Driftwood Village, Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa, Judy and Chuck Garland, The Red Door, Woodstone Manor

Our Festival volunteers: Jean Baird, Café Sandilands, Cedar Brown, Lori Seay, Charles Demers, Conny Nordin, Allan Forget, Carol Guin, Deblehka Guin, Emma Davis, Margaret Howell, Jennifer Margison, Kendall Kyle, and Olivia Dong and Jack Dong
Francine Renaud who created the original painting for our poster and Sharon King of Digital Marketing by Design for the poster design
Kris Krug, our Festival photographer, for his creative eye
Heartfelt thanks from Lee and Jim...

Our superb staff at Galiano Island books:
Rob Butterfield, Jack Garton, Stella Kingscote, and Valerie Tessier
Mary Trentadue and Cedar Bowers for going the extra mile! 

Debbie Holmes for once again promoting the Festival through displays on the ferries
Donna Moreau of DoMo Communications for her painstaking work on putting together our ads, promotional materials and this Program
Rob Butterfield, Dan Gaucher, Alex Catona and Jack Garton for entertaining us at the Red Carpet Welcome Reception
See you next year at out 11th LitFest!


Interview with a Bookstore
Galiano Island Books, on a tiny Canadian island
If I weren’t running a bookshop, I’d be sitting in my back yard reading all the books on my nightstand and piled elsewhere around the house. That should take me about 73 years.

A Most Agreeable Place
History of Booksellers and Stationers in British Columbia


Galiano Literary Festival 2019

We will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary. More information will be announced soon! Visit Galiano Literary Festival to view past festivals.

B.C.’s Top Literary Towns
Straight out of a storybook.

Monte Cristo magazine

Interview With A Bookstore: Galiano Island Books
Where Bookselling Runs In The Family
Galiano Island Bookstore


Spotlight on ... LEE TRENTADUE


We are incredibly appreciative of the community support we receive and would like to shine a spotlight on these booklovers. For our first feature we spoke with Lee Trentadue, President of the BC Booksellers Association and owner of Galiano Island Books, in anticipation of her 5th annual Galiano Literary Festival, returning on February 21st to 23rd.   

Lee Trentadue
Lee Trentadue

Lee Trentadue has long supported the book community, although it was her daughter Mary who inspired her to open Galiano Island Books - the first bookstore on the island. Trentadue's initial introduction to the local community was through a questionairre, inquiring about the categories of books people would like to see. The community responded positively, and the bookstore now features works from authors in the Gulf Islands, throughout British Columbia, and across Canada. Readers have shown extraordinary support for nearly two decades and additionally, the Galiano Library - which opened after Galiano Island Books - has proven to be an excellent partner in hosting author readings.


She explains that "being a part of a community of booksellers is very important" and that the BC Booksellers Association has shown tremendous support for her ideas, as has the Canada Council. And so, after attending the ABA Winter Institute one year and hearing a fellow booksellers' story, Trentadue founded the Galiano Literary Festival. Despite growing in stature, it has retained its charm - "people seem to actually like the intimacy of the Festival." With fewer outlets for publishers to send authors to, this type of environment is crucial for maintaining culture in BC and throughout the nation. The BC Book Prizes recognizes this need, but Trentadue notes that just "the fact there is a showcase is a big deal." We think the 3-day Festival is a big deal too, with its first ever red carpet, a sold out dinner, and readings by esteemed writers such as Audrey Thomas, Jack Hodgins, Grant Lawrence, and the Bowering trio: George, Thea and Marilyn. Find more details at: Galiano Literary Festival.